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Is this reality we live in an illusion? If so, is there a way out of this mind matrix?

In this talk, we will be looking at what the Buddha discovered under the Bodhi tree which lead to his radical freedom from suffering. We will be exploring the different types of deep absorption or Jhanic states and how these states are experienced in the mind-body. To frame these phenomena, we will look at the direct experiences of long term meditators and Buddhist monks. We will look at how the Buddhas’ different states of absorption lead to insight into the workings of this mind matrix. As a result of this insight, he found a way out of suffering.

This talk will explore the metaphysical relationship between mind and matter in the Buddhist context based on Abhidharma manuscripts. We will look at techniques of freedom discovered by the Buddha in detail based on the Pali Canon and early Buddhist literature. Most importantly we will be exploring the meaning of freedom from suffering and how to attain it.

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