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Yoga and Meditation classes are on hold until further notice but I am available for private sessions

My approach to yoga is to use the postures to bring our bodies back to their original and natural state.  I will give clear instructions for individuals, depending on their needs, in order to find this equilibrium. 

In my classes, we will explore the physical postures, finding a balance between correct alignment and a means to move with intuitive physical intelligence.  There will be plenty of meditative instruction to allow a deeper muscular release as well as to let go of thoughts and emotions that are a limitation to happiness.  In the beginning of the class we will focus on relaxing, mindfulness presence and movement with grace.  In the last part of the class we will focus on meditation techniques which focus and calm the mind allowing deeper absorption in meditative states.  Through this strong steady concentration a more profound state of awareness can arise.

These classes are designed to prepare the body and mind for deeper meditative states drawing on techniques described in the yogic Pātañjalayogaśāstra and the Buddhist Suttapitaka.. We will use meditation techniques in postures to gain presence in every fibre of the body to enable each muscle to let go of tension, heal old wounds and revitalise.  We will do this through carefully considered techniques which support the more vulnerable areas of the anatomy as well as dissolve tension in the muscles to increase flexibility.  

All levels are welcome to this class. This class is about reconnecting with our natural centre and cultivating the 'seven factors of awakening' in order to dissolve any emotional, mental, and physical hindrances.



Daisy Booth, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist & Health Retreat Manager

Anne is an incredibly proficient and accessible Yoga teacher. With her authentic enquiry and experience into what is Yoga and her thorough research via both physical practice and study Annes classes will leave you feeling more present and more inspired to continue your own Yoga exploration. The way she relates modern Yoga back to ancient texts really brings to life this art form. Students have fed back with great enthusiasm how they felt gently and compassionately guided to meet their bodies and selves with Annes supportive guidance.

Valerie Titli

Ann is my favourite yoga teacher. The way she seamlessly weaves her knowledge of the body into the meditation and clearly explains each yoga pose is a delight. She is professional , approachable and good fun too! I would recommend her anytime.

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