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Buddhist Monks

Why ponder the philosophy of mind?

What can we gain from contemplating the nature of reality and how can this help us move forward on the path to greater happiness, freedom and insight?

The nature of reality is an occurrence of pure phenomena which cannot be described with words or theories. It just is. The mind for that matter can also be reflected upon similarly. I believe in raw experience and the simple innocence of existence and its phenomena. We do; however, exist in a relative reality with laws which contain physical, mental and emotional existence.  It is for this reason that traditions in transcendence have created metaphysical frameworks which resemble the naturally occurring phenomena seen through human experience.  

Within the context of many traditions of spiritual liberation, mind and matter are composed of the same substance. It is by this very occurrence that we can navigate our own experience of life by using the laws of nature to steer our reality and experience of it.  

I believe we can draw from the insights of multiple traditions and the experiences of many meditation masters past and present. We must remember that theories on the nature of reality are just theories and traditions, illusory objects and definitions. However, these signposts are designed to take us to great heights, yet when we arrive at our destination there is no need for words or definitions.  

To understand the existing maps of human experience, I have researched metaphysical frameworks such as Tantra, Abhidharma, Vedanta and Samkhya as well as the practices which belong to each philosophy.

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