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In this talk, we will explore the spectrum of extraordinary human energetic experiences and how these phenomena can give rise to deeper insights into the nature of reality.  Humankind has experienced these phenomena across the globe for as long as we can remember. These experiences have steered humanity the development of cultures society and religion.  We will look at the Kuṇḍalinī phenomena in the context of the Yogic and Tantric systems of India and Tibet.


We will explore will how Kuṇḍalinī can transform the subtle body and the various psychic phenomena that can arise as a result. We will account Vajrayana Tantric, Hatha Yogic and Shaiva Tantric texts to gain a deeper understanding of techniques used to tame the 'serpent power'.  We will also examine the experiences of advanced yogic practitioners to discover the full potential of 'Kuṇḍalinī energy' in states of blissful absorption.


We will look at the rituals and practices which, under the right conditions, arouse this coiled serpent. We will also look at the various means by which this energy can be transferred between two people or a group of people through initiation or śaktipāt.


Lastly, we will look at how this experience is received by western psychiatry and our current social paradigms.

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