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My journey with this study started when I was a young girl.  My father would passionately describe his own life-changing transcendental experiences that occurred spontaneously and through meditation.  I can remember knowing from an early age that I would, in whatever way I could, work towards building a world free from a limited view of our human potential.  

I can remember feeling a hunger for freedom in every sense. I left everything I knew, my friends, job, home and belongings and hitch-hiked around England and Europe.  During this time, my old worldview and institutionalised psychology dissolved to make way for a more transcendental perspective.  I had absolutely nothing but trust and devotion to something greater that was coupled with experiences that I can only describe as otherworldly divinity. 

This sacred thread brought me to India, where I worked in Delhi.  I spent my free time exploring the Himalayas.  It was here I started to explore the path of a yogi.  I visited sacred sites and explored various techniques of transcendence.   In the mountains, I felt an unquestionable devotion that captured me hook, line and sinker. 

I finally settled with the help of Buddhist Meditation retreats and Martial Arts training.  I became a mother and trained to be a secondary school teacher.  To deepen my own yoga practice, I trained to be a yoga teacher.  I eventually took an MA in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS where I studied with Buddhist, Yogic and Tantric scholars.  Here I conducted phenomenological research into Theravada Buddhist Meditation.  I am currently working on a phenomenological study of Kundalini to expand horizons within western culture towards accepting and integrating new models for the human mind within mainstream mental health.  ​I currently teach Health Psychology and Yoga and Meditation courses. 

My wish is that what I offer here may help others, whether in practices for freedom or with frameworks that gently hold extraordinary experiences.  To the best of my ability, I have researched the practices from past masters to support others on thier journey.  I have examined traditional Yogic, Buddhist and Tantric texts through the lens of a scholar and practitioner deeply devoted to the path of freedom. 

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