Do we live in an illusion? If so, is there a way out of this mind matrix? In this talk, we will examine the Buddhas' realisations that led to his radical freedom. We will refer to the Suttas and the Abhidhamma as well as first-hand experiences from advanced meditators. The purpose of this talk is to provide a metaphysical framework for meditation practice and the fetter breaking experience as well as to unpack the meaning of right view. This is part 1 of a two-part series.



In Part II of the Buddhist Matrix, we discuss the four stages of enlightenment and the path of calm concentration (śamatha meditation) and insight meditation (vipassana) in the contexts of the Suttas and the Visudhimagga. We will look at how these two meditation paths interpenetrate and support each other. We will also look at the experiences of advanced meditators on the path as well as how to overcome certain psychological hindrances.

Talk - Loving Kindness - Metta Bhavana.mAnn Mathie
00:00 / 21:09

About Loving Kindness - Metta Bhavana


In this talk, we will discuss how the practice of loving-kindness and compassion is situated in early Theravada Buddhism as well as in Mahayana Buddhism.   We will also look at the meaning of loving-kindness and compassion in the Buddhist context and how this acts as a support and protection on the path to greater freedom and happiness. 

Calm Abiding or Samatha TALKAnn Mathie
00:00 / 36:26

Concentration Calm Abiding


This talk is about the potential of the human mind when we develop concentration.  We will discuss the experiences of advanced meditators on the Buddhist path to radical freedom.  It is a description of the path of concentration or jhana as it is presented in the Buddhist Pali Canon.  I will also detail the fruits of this practice and how one can begin to develop this profound state of deep absorption that can take us to a life free from mental suffering.